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Align With Your Customer’s Values When You Take Tangible Action for Climate in 2021

A talk by Patty Baird and Christina Beckmann
The Cedar House Sport Hotel, Truckee, California & Global Strategy

Emissions were down in 2020, however atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide remain as high as ever, on track to continue warming the planet for generations unless we take action now. This knowledge no longer lives purely in the minds of academics and policymakers, it is reaching the popular consciousness: a recent study surveying consumers in 26 countries found the number of people “doing everything possible to minimise their carbon footprint increased from 63 percent to 69 percent over the past year.”

At a time when climate is top of mind for travelers, learn how your hotel or eco lodge can take tangible action to help reduce the global emissions from travel through an innovative approach to carbon removal via direct air capture called Tomorrow’s Air. Alongside conventional carbon offsetting that supports nature-based solutions to reducing carbon emissions, Tomorrow’s Air offers a way for travelers, businesses and destinations to unite in a common mission, quickly and affordably.

In this session you’ll hear from Tomorrow's Air Co-Founder and Adventure Travel Trade Association Vice President for Global Strategy Christina Beckmann along with two accommodations providers as they share information about their innovative approach to supporting climate action in 2021 and beyond.

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